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John Wayne BB Pistol. Crosman C11 BB Pistol.

Colt Defender BB Pistol. Legends M BB Pistol. Colt Commander BB Pistol. Glock 19 Gen. Walther P38 BB Pistol. Umarex Steel Strike. Legends Cowboy Lever Action. Umarex Steel Force. Avanti Champion Daisy ,.

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Crosman P Pumpmaster Combo,. Daisy Model Buck. Crosman X Combo. BB Pistol. Crosman Legacy Crosman P Pink Pumpmaster,. Daisy Powerline Kit. Crosman Pumpmaster, Light Blue. Crosman Wildcat BB Pistol. Daisy Powerline Model Ruger Superhawk BB Revolver. Makarov BB Pistol. Crosman BB Pistol. Daisy BB Pistol. CZ 75 BB Pistol. Dan Wesson 6" BB Revolver. Steyr M9-A1,.

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Land Warrior Airsoft

Gamo P Dual Ammo Pistol. Remington R BB Pistol.

Glock 17 Gen. Springfield Armory XDM 4.

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Springfield Armory XDM 3. Also, don't confuse a bb gun with an airsoft gun because they are two completely different products. Airsoft guns shoot plastic bbs and are meant to be shot at each other using proper eye and face protection. A Two-Tone gun is exactly the same build and quality as a normally coloured one. The world of Airsoft is becoming increasingly popular and many people are starting to play at the weekends.

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Check your available gifts! Airsoft Batteries Shop Airsoft. Airsoft Battery Chargers Shop Airsoft. Airsoft M14 Rifles Shop Airsoft. Airsoft Sniper Rifles Shop Airsoft. Airsoft Fire Support Shop Airsoft. Airsoft Gun Gas Shop Airsoft. Airsoft Pistols Shop Airsoft. Pyrotechnics Shop Airsoft. Blank Firing Devices Shop Airsoft. Smoke Grenades Shop Airsoft. To purchase a RIF you must have 'reasonable cause' and be either: An active airsoft game participant and registered at your local Airsoft skirmish site and be able to verify your membership.

Your registration can either be a private scheme run by your site or through the UKARA national player registration database. Despite what many people say, you do NOT have to be UKARA registered, although their national database system is a lot more reliable and quicker than trying to get your membership verified by your local site!